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Ode to the Honey Bee

Often, life's simplest moments can prove to be the most inspirational. One summer day, my mind wandered while observing a honey bee enjoying a flower in full bloom. The bouncy, playful first stanza of "Ode to the Honey Bee" came to me in that moment, and the rest of the poem soon followed. I was fortunate to have this rhyme-driven ode published in the Rootstalk journal in their Spring 2018 issue.

My Father, The Geologist

I wrote "My Father, The Geologist" during the later stages of my father's struggles with a chronic lung condition. Using my father's previous career as thematic material, the poem conflates the progression of his degenerative disease with the slow development of geological formations. This poem was published in the summer 2012 issue of Grinnell Magazine.

The Animals of My Sorrow

At Grinnell College, I completed an in-depth research-based thesis, known as a Mentored Advanced Project, under the guidance of a tenured English professor. In addition to writing and editing my own work, I intensively researched modern American poetry, poetic criticism, and analysis. My final portfolio was released as a self-published chapbook, and one of my poems, “The Animals of My Sorrow”, was selected for publication in the Fall 2011 issue of the Seneca Review.

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