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Founded in 2016, Ooraloo is a five-piece art rock group based out of Chicago, Illinois. The band has played live shows across Chicagoland, and has been featured in outlets such as The Math Rock Times, Grinnell Magazine, and WZRD. Each member contributes aspects of their unique musical background -- from avant-garde experimentalism to Puerto Rican merengue -- to create a swirling, genre-less sound.


In an age of bedroom producers and solo musicians, managing and maintaining a group takes significant effort and dedication. Decisions both practical and creative -- from practice schedules and booking inquiries, to chord selection and design aesthetics -- must ultimately be agreed upon by all members. This fiercely collaborative environment is equally challenging and rewarding, and is only made possible through excellent management and oversight.

The Project

Write, record, produce, promote, and release a debut record on a tiny budget and strict timeline.

The Product

A thirty-minute long EP, created in collaboration with over a dozen musicians, artists, and engineers, and celebrated with a live show attended by over 100 fans.

On May 24, 2018, Ooraloo released its debut EP, Locales, on all major streaming platforms. Writing, recording, and releasing over thirty minutes of music was no small task: I led this six-month undertaking, requiring hundreds of hours of work, and directly involving over a dozen music professionals, engineers, and artists.


Well before recording began, ample groundwork was laid to ensure the success of the project. Specific goals, deliverables, and timelines were created for each aspect of the EP release. Experts from outside the group were consulted and recruited, including recording and sound engineers, producers, composers, and additional instrumentalists.


Collaborative platforms were essential during the recording and production phases. With our team spread across five states and three time zones, careful planning and consistent communication was imperative. Consultations and feedback sessions occurred multiple times a week, even on a daily basis as the EP release date approached.


Beyond the music itself, the group pursued a wide variety of marketing and promotional activities. These efforts saw the band receive coverage from a variety of print, radio, and online media, and grow its social media presence substantially. In its first week, Locales was streamed over 1000 times across all platforms.

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