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In addition to my personal and professional projects, I enjoy contributing my time and expertise to individuals and organizations in need. One such organization is Slow Money SoCal, a non-profit network that connects various stakeholders interested in strengthening and diversifying the local Southern California food system. During the winter of 2016, I connected with Slow Money SoCal to help them create a fundraising and marketing plan for the coming year.

Slow Money SoCal was in need of a detailed marketing strategy for the rollout of a new crowdraising platform for food businesses. With only a vaguely defined audience in mind, and no concrete plans for how to reach them, the organization was sorely lacking the foundational elements of an effective marketing campaign.


The Challenge

Engage new and existing donors, volunteers, and other key stakeholders to support the launch of a crowdraising platform for food businesses in Southern California.

The Outcome

Clearly defined donor profiles, along with targeted promotional materials and outreach opportunities, to increase organizational presence and impact in the local community.

Utilizing fundraising and engagement data provided by the organization, I identified Slow Money SoCal’s two main partner profiles: the Community Member (a local resident interested in social justice work) and the Investor (a participant seeking a way create change with their money).

With significantly different interests, these two groups required vastly different approaches. Thus, I created a tailored marketing approach for each profile that included differentiated promotional materials, outreach opportunities, and short and long-term goals for recruitment.

Slow Money SoCal was able to successfully implement these marketing strategies, ultimately allowing them to support an additional ten small food enterprises. It was with great personal satisfaction that my work was warmly received by the organization’s leadership.  

The Impact

“Ethan's insights were just what we needed to reinvigorate our approach for engaging local investors. Many seasoned professionals have been grappling with a way to approach investor engagement -- all were amazed at Ethan's segmented approach to sharing a 'messy truth.' It was an invaluable experience!"

Michelle Greenwood, Orange County Regional Manager

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